Top hidden locations to escape the house while social distancing

By Ben Patterson, Digby College

Now that social distancing is in full swing, everyone is spending a lot more time indoors. This means that you want to make sure any time spent outside is extra special. You may not know it, but nearby, there are some areas close to Roehampton which are absolutely stunning and will make your experience walking or running outside even better. Please make sure you are maintaining social distancing during your visits to these places! It is important to stay minimum 2 meters apart from other individuals! 

Barnes Pond

Are you missing that country village feel whilst in London? Do not fear! Right in the centre of Barnes there is Barnes pond, an area which looks identical to a quant country village in Surrey. This place is even more peaceful now as less cars are on the road and is a beautiful destination for your walk, run or cycle. There you will find a stunning pond full of ducks and swans surrounded by trees and beautiful houses. If you are from a quieter part of the world, this is the perfect place to go to remind you of home. 

Cannizaro Park

This is without a doubt one of South West Londons hidden treasures, and not many people know of its existence! Cannizaro Park is based right next to Wimbledon Village, and boasts some incredible scenery, great walking trails and even its own bird house. The trails include a Mediterranean garden, Roman temple pillars and a pond. All this, combined with more varieties of flowers than I can count, and huge grassland areas make this the perfect visit for your walk or run. An entire loop of the park is about 3km, with a 2km journey their, this makes it perfect if you are planning to do a 5k. 

Putney/Wimbledon Common

Although these two may not be so hidden, they are still a huge surprise. Firstly, this place is massive. Combined they equal the size of Richmond Park, however they are a lot quieter and in my opinion, a lot more adventurous. If you cross the A3 near Roehampton Lane, you enter the common which gives you an enchanted forest experience. Hundreds of huge trees piled together making you think you are lost in the country. This area is once again full of trails, with a number of landmarks to find including the famous Wimbledon windmill. You may even find some wombles!

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