Top 10 Reasons to Study Abroad

If you are in your first year, you can apply now to undertake a semester abroad in your second year. If you can’t commit to a whole semester abroad, are not in your first year, or are on a programme where you don’t have the option of doing a semester abroad, you can apply for a summer experience.

Here are our top 10 reasons to study abroad…

1. Increase your employability

Those who study abroad are more likely to secure a job within six months of graduating, and employers value the skills you gain from a study abroad experience. A period abroad makes you stand out against other candidates when applying for a job.

2. You get to say you have studied at some of the best universities in the world

Some of the partner universities we work with at Roehampton are world-leading in their field. There is something for everyone, from the University of Auckland to Arizona State University.

3. You will create an international network that could take you exciting places in the future!

You never know who you might meet during your study abroad, from academics to future employers, to even some new friends who can kickstart your career or help you relocate to a different country.

4. There is funding available

Roehampton Abroad Scholarships of up to £1000 are available for students wanting to undertake a semester abroad, as well as Turing funding from the UK government for all students taking part in a period abroad of 4 weeks or more. There are so many different and affordable experiences available!

5. Develop your personal skills

Studying abroad means you have to be adaptable and independent, and you’ll be able to develop other transferable skills making you a more confident and worldly individual.

6. You can make friends all over the world

You will study with people from all different backgrounds and cultures, allowing you to develop your cross-cultural communication skills and make friends for life.

7. Gain a new international perspective on your studies

By studying abroad, you can learn with different academics and have diverse academic input. You’ll be able to explore your studies from a whole new perspective and understand things entirely differently. Roehampton students who studied abroad were more likely to receive a first-class degree.

8. You will get to travel and explore new places

Studying abroad will allow you to see places you never thought you would be able to see and have opportunities to travel that may not have otherwise been possible. The possibilities are endless, from surfing in Australia to climbing the Great Wall of China!

9. Improve or gain language skills

All of our partner universities teach in English. However, venturing to a different country can allow you to learn a new language or hone your skills.

10. You’ll have the experience of a lifetime

Have the experience of a lifetime, all whilst gaining credits for your degree. Explore the sights of New York, learn to scuba dive in Australia or go to a carnival in Brazil. The world is your Oyster!

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