Graduation: what you need to know

Congratulations: you’ve done it! After all your hard work, you have handed in your last assignment and made it to the end of your degree. So, graduation. Your graduation is a day to remember, when you can celebrate your achievement with family, friends, tutors and distinguished guests. As big and important as this day is, it’s no reason to stress, so here is what you need to know.

Check and read your emails

If you qualify for graduation, you will be contacted via both your Roehampton and personal email addresses, approximately two months prior to your ceremony. For this reason, make sure that you keep the university up to date with any change of contact details on the Student Portal, or at Occasionally these messages will go into your junk folder, so make sure to check your spam too.

Online ordering

All student tickets, guest tickets, hats, gowns and photography can only be purchased online, at the Ede and Ravenscroft website. Make sure you have your student/campus ID to hand when ordering. It is compulsory to wear the approved Roehampton gown and hat for your ceremony, which can be hired or bought for a reduced fee online in advance of the ceremony, or if you miss the deadline, on the day for an increased price. If you would prefer to discuss the package options with the photographer, photography can also be purchased on the day.


Each student is able to purchase up to four guest tickets, bookable online prior to the deadline. Unless otherwise requested, guest tickets will be all be seated together. Students are seated with their graduating peers, separately from guests. Depending on popularity, more guest tickets may be available either on the day at Level One Enquiries, or online after the deadline. You will receive a notification email for the latter.


Can’t make your graduation? No problem! You are able to defer your graduation once for up to a year after you have been awarded. Simply fill out this form or email, and you will be able to graduate in the next winter or summer ceremonies. If you have already purchased tickets or gowns by the time you realise that you cannot make it, contact Ede and Ravenscroft by 3 July.


You will be graduating at the prestigious Royal Festival Hall on London’s Southbank. Due to the central London location, it is suggested that you use public transport, with Waterloo Station a few minutes’ walk away from the venue.

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Special arrangements

If you or your guests have any additional needs or disabilities, please email, who will do their best to accommodate the request. With regards to dietary requirements, it is not possible to cater to individuals, but there will be a wide selection of drinks and canapes available at the post-ceremony receptions.


All students will be seated together at the front of the hall. It is imperative that you sit in your assigned seat, as this is also the order in which you will be called up to the stage. When you enter the auditorium, you will be greeted by a student seater, dressed in a maroon cape, who will provide you with your name card and show you to your seat. You may also have other pieces of card attached to your name card, which should not be removed or altered. When you approach the stage, you will hand over the cards, in the correct order, to the announcer.

Deadlines and timings

Arguably the key to any successful, stress-free graduation is to be aware of and stick to deadlines. In your invitation email, ticket and online, deadlines will be clearly stated, and are final. On the day, you need to arrive approximately one and a half hours prior to your ceremony start time, in order to collect your tickets and gown, take photos and acquaint yourself with the layout of the building.


For some, it’s the most important decision of the day—what to wear! It’s highly likely that your graduation photos will be framed and on display in various relatives’ homes for years to come, so you want to make sure it’s an outfit that you love. Dress code is formal, but ensure that you’re comfortable, as it can be a long day. Consider also that you will walk across a stage in front of a large audience—try to choose footwear that you can walk in, and that minimises your risk of tripping. Your hood has a button loop to keep it in place, so it may be a good idea to wear an outfit with a small button at your chest, and don’t forget to bring safety pins, just in case!


Monday 23 July

Ceremony 1 at 10am for the following departments:

  • Drama, Theatre and Performance
  • Humanities
  • Life Sciences

Ceremony 2 at 12:30pm for the following departments:

  • Dance
  • English and Creative Writing
  • Social Sciences

Ceremony 3 at 3pm for the following departments:

  • Media, Culture and Language
  • Psychology

Tuesday 24 July

Ceremony 4 at 10am for the:

  • School of Education

Ceremony 5 at 12:30pm for the following departments:

  • Roehampton Business School
  • QA Higher Education

Ceremony 6 at 3pm for the following partner institutions:

  • Roehampton Online (Laureate)
  • Schiller
  • EU Business School
  • Aventis

Where to go afterwards

It’s all over! After your ceremony and department reception in the Royal Festival Hall, you can derobe and relax. Onsite is the upmarket Skylon Restaurant, with floor to ceiling windows and a breathtaking view of the Thames.  Along the Southbank you will find a selection of food options for all budgets—from Wahaca to Brasserie Blanc, a short stroll will take you to the perfect celebratory meal setting for you.

Certificates and transcripts

Another reason to keep the university up to date with your details: your certificate and transcript will be posted to you. Roehampton’s registry department is in charge of certificates, not the Alumni/Graduation team, and thus any student queries should be directed to


Photos not enough? Want a reminder of your graduation and time at Roehampton? Don’t want to let go of your uni days? No problem! Just go to our official merchandise store, where you will find a selection of personalised tops, hoodies, mugs and more. You can even buy your college mascot or scarf.

Online students

For any graduation queries from online students, please contact When ordering tickets and gowns online, you will need your campus ID, which starts with the first three letters of your surname and can be found at the bottom of your invitation email, or by contacting your student support team at the aforementioned email address. If you require a visa, apply for it as soon as you receive your invitation email, and for more help with supporting documents and other queries, contact your student support team. Your certificate will be posted to you by your student support team, separately to graduation.

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