5 ways to make the most of the Summer Break

It is finally the time we have all been waiting for, THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS! Whether you are a continuing student or joining the University of Roehampton in September this post includes tips and ideas on how to make the most of the three-month break.

1. Get yourself a summer job

This sounds boring and your parents are probably telling you the same thing but trust me this will keep you active and social throughout the long break! Whether you want to work for some extra pocket money or pay off a hefty overdraft, it’s great to work. A job will give you a new set of skills and help prepare you for entering the working world.

2. Get some work experience or volunteer

Any form of experience will look great on your CV. Do you study journalism? Contact your local newspaper! Work experience is a fun and interesting way in which you can gain an insight into your future career path and what better time to do this than the summer break!

3. Stay productive

Do not get me wrong, enjoy the summer, relax, tan, catch up with friends whatever it may be but why not prepare yourself before September? Maybe get a head start on some reading or even start thinking of ideas for dissertation if you’re heading into your final year of studies? Anything can be helpful and will keep you engaged with your course.


4. Take up a new hobby

Let loose and try something you would never think of doing. This could be attending a gym class, taking up a new sport or maybe something more creative and arty. Whatever it may be it is great to keep yourself busy, so be spontaneous.

5. Travel

The world is your oyster. This does not mean you have to jet off to exotic places in order to fulfil this, but this could also mean going for a hike or travelling to a nearby town. Whether you live in London or elsewhere, use this time to make the most of what there is around you!



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