10 reasons why you should become a student ambassador | Patrick Thomas

Flexible paid work around your studies

Probably the best part about being an ambassador is the fact that the work is based around you! You sign up to shifts as an when you want to work and there are no required hours you have to work each week. The only shifts that are compulsory are the open days.

Meet new people

As an ambassador I got to meet so many new people who soon became some of my closest friends and still are to this day. You quickly click with the people you work with and soon find yourself spending time with them outside of work as well. 

Valuable work experience for your CV

Being an ambassador teaches you new skills which look great on your CV. It’ll teach you everything from customer service skills as well as teamwork and communication. Being an ambassador also developed my confidence and pushed me beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Work a variety of shifts

As an ambassador I got to work a variety of shifts including open days, offer holder days, campus tours, international orientation, taster days and primary education interview days. Every shift is different and presents a new set of challenges but all are equally rewarding. You may also get the opportunity to travel to higher education fairs across the country.

Potential to be on the scheme throughout the duration of your studies

Once an ambassador always an ambassador. No matter what year you joined you will be on the scheme for the rest of your time here at Roehampton so you don’t have to worry about reapplying each year.

Open to students in all years and subject areas

Some ambassadors start in first year, like myself, right through to postgraduate. There is no limit on what years can be an ambassador – we are open to all including PhD students. Similarly there are no restrictions on what area you’ve chosen to study, We like to have a wide range of people from different courses – everything from Anthropology through to Zoology.

Opportunity to work with young people

As an ambassador you’ll be working with our schools and colleges team dealing with school visits/presentations, Roehampton life days and our Pathways to Law programme.  Playing an active part in this is incredibly rewarding and great for anybody wanting work experience with young people.  

Learn historical facts about the university

Do you know about the mausoleum on Froebel? Or that Grove House is Grade II listed? Or that the library has over 350,000 books spread over 8km of shelving? Well, now you do. Doing campus tours along with other shifts means that you learn so much more than what you already do about our historic campus.

Opportunity to progress to senior after a year

After a year on the scheme you may have the opportunity to apply to be a senior student ambassador.  Senior ambassadors receive opportunities to work large recruitment events off campus around the country, conduct library tours, deliver student life/personal statement sessions in schools and are given more responsibility leading at on-campus events such as open days.

Finally, the cool yellow hoodie…

Because who wouldn’t want to wear a comfortable bright yellow hoodie as their uniform?

For more information and how to apply, head to the student portal here.

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