8 tips for coping with the heatwave in London

We can all appreciate the splendid weather we have seen over the recent summer months, but the major rise in temperature means that it is important to prepare for the heat, both physically and mentally. Read on for tips to survive the UK heatwave.

Stay hydrated

Although this seems like such a generic tip, many forget to drink the recommended 2 litres of water per day &endash; equivalent to 8 glasses. Sticking to the advised amount of water daily can benefit you as it helps to keep your skin hydrated and prevents tiredness and heat exhaustion.

Tip: buy yourself a reusable water bottle and keep it handy – you will be reducing the need for plastic bottles, which helps the environment, while being prepared for the hot weather. If you’re not a water fan, be creative and cut some fresh fruit to infuse your water with or even add some squash to make it sweeter.

Limit alcohol and caffeine

Drinking too much of the bad stuff can cause serious dehydration to your body. If you cannot avoid your morning coffee or a post-work drink, make sure you drink plenty of water in between to keep yourself cool.

Spritz your face

Facial sprays are brilliant for the summer as they quickly refresh your skin with a couple of sprays. Many brands offer travel sized versions, which are great to carry around. My two personal favourites are the Evian water facial spray, which can be found in any drug store or supermarket, or the Mario Badescu rose water spray, which is super refreshing – the rose water helps to balance the excess oil that build up on the face throughout the day.


Again, this may seem obvious, but sun cream is crucial. While you are outdoors your skin is exposed to direct sunlight, and regardless of your skin tone it is important to wear sun cream that contains at least SPF15, to help protect your skin.


Although you may think your skin is super moisturised from the thick sun cream you have been applying throughout the day, it is essential that you treat your skin after being out in the sun. By applying a form of after sun, preferably one containing aloe vera to help cool the skin down and lock in moisture, your tan will be maintained!

Sunshine hours

During the hours of 11am-3pm it is recommended to avoid the sun, as they are the hottest hours of the day. Try and alternate your time in the sun by sitting in the shade as much as possible to keep cool and to avoid any form of heat exhaustion, heat stroke or sun burn.


By this I mean sunglasses and hats. Although both are worn as fashion accessories, they are extremely beneficial. Sunglasses help protect your eyes from sun exposure and hats provide shade, shield your scalp, and prevent it from burning.

Ice cream

Remember to grab a tasty ice cream to cool down – a great excuse to treat yourself. Look out for the local Roehampton ice cream van or maybe head into town for some Italian gelato. A personal favourite of mine is the infamous Italian chain ‘Amorino’ which can be found in many areas of London, so do check it out!


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