6 Tips for Freshers’ Week | Alexandra Johnstone-Pieri

Freshers’ Week is here, bringing with it a mixture of excitement and fear, which is totally normal! Your first week of university is all about settling in and making new friends, but across this week it is important you are mindful and take care of yourself. This post will be dedicated towards new (or even continuing students) and ‘surviving’ freshers week. 

Open the door to new friendships

As daunting as this sounds, do ensure you get involved and mingle as much as possible with your new course mates and flatmates. If you’re living in halls, try having an open door policy for the first week or so. Whenever you’re in your room, relaxing, prop the door open to give people the chance to say hi. Always remember to lock your door safely when you’re not in.

Attend Freshers’ Fair

This event is one of the most important events to attend during Freshers’ Week. It is open to any student (even people who do not have a Freshers’ band) and it will give you the chance to get a taste of (and sign up for) the different societies and clubs on campus. Plus, there’s tonnes of freebies, so fill your boots! This year, it will be running on Friday, 21 September.

Attend Induction Lectures

Induction sessions are so important. This is your chance to meet the lecturers and get a taste for your course and the different modules you will be studying throughout the academic year. It will also give you the chance to meet your new course mates. 

Drink responsibly 

This does sound extremely cliché but do ensure you drink plenty of water at all events. Don’t feel pressured into drinking crazy amounts, or anything at all, in order to ‘fit in’ or feel more comfortable. Everyone is in the same boat, drink at your own pace. 

Do not forget to eat  

Freshers’ Week can be very overwhelming, but it is so important to remember to eat properly! In your first week you are still easing into living in halls and being away from home, so do make sure you eat well before you consume any alcohol. You could even take a trip to the Union Bar for some Pub Grub. 

Come prepared for fresher’s flu 

Yes, freshers’ flu does exist! Most current students would agree that by the end of the week you will feel a bit under the weather so ensure you arrive stocked up with Lemsip, paracetamol or any form of cough medicine to help keep your immune system healthy and strong. 


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