6 reasons you should attend an Offer Holder Day

If you’ve already received your offer to study at Roehampton, you might be thinking ‘Job done’ and feeling content to put your feet up and chill – at least when it comes to university prep – till results day rolls around (just breathe, it’ll be fine). And, especially if you’ve already come to one of our Open Days, admired our award-winning Library, fallen in love with London’s greenest campus and said hi to the chickens, you might feel like you don’t need to take the time to make a second visit, especially with exams looming (keep breathing).

Grove House, looking unusually spooky

But don’t be fooled: offer holder days are a unique opportunity to learn more about the place you’ll be studying at for the next three years (or more). Here are 6 reasons that you should book a trip to South-West London as soon as your offer lands, even if you’ve already come to an open day.

Get the group chat going

One of the best things about offer holder days is that they give you an early opportunity to meet your fellow students and get to know the people you’ll be studying and, in some cases, living with over the next few years. Get a group chat started on an offer holder day and you’ll be able to spend the next few months getting to know each other, way before freshers’ week kicks off in September.

Offer holder days also give you the opportunity to meet other likeminded students, both current students and those who’ll be starting at the same time as you. There’ll be plenty of students about the place, as all our offer holder days run during term time. Additionally, at the end of the day, there’s a session delivered by current students, so you can hear about their journeys to Roehampton and their experiences here – and, of course, take a further opportunity to make friends.

Of course, when you do get here, it won’t just be your course mates who you’ll be hanging out with, which is why offer holder days also provide you with an opportunity to get to know your home-within-a-home at Roehampton: your college.

Get to know your College

Student life at Roehampton is based around our four colleges. Now you know what you’re studying, you’ll have been assigned to a college. If you’re a Business student, for example, you’ll be based in Southlands (located, ironically, at the northern end of the main campus), with the Department of Media, Culture and Language. If you choose to live on campus in our student accommodation, you can choose to live in your academic college, or you can switch allegiance to another college, which will override your previous collegiate allocation.

View from the lawn at Parkstead House, Whitelands College

Our Colleges are the backbone of Roehampton’s community, running social events, providing support and organising inter-college sport, including the highlight of the University’s sporting calendar, Frigby and Shitelands, part of the College Cup. Your offer holder day gives you the opportunity to find out more about social life at Roehampton, and to start building the relationships that’ll help see you through your time at university and beyond.

Find out more about your course

Now you know for sure what you’re studying, an offer holder day can help you dig deeper into exactly what your course offers. All our offer holder days start with a subject-specific session, where you’ll get to hear more about what you’ll be studying from the staff who’ll be teaching you. Afterwards, there’ll be a Q&A where you can ask any questions you have. This is also the first opportunity you’ll get to meet your fellow students, who you’ll be studying alongside for the next three years.

Meet the staff

As well as hearing from and talking to academic staff at the subject session, you’ll also be able to chat to staff from our support teams, the Library and the Students’ Union – and anyone else you happen to bump into.

Our support staff help out with a range of issues, so on our offer holder days we run drop-in sessions where you can chat with staff about anything from academic support to finance.

Get to know the campus

Okay, yes, if you’ve already been here, you’ll have seen the campus already. And, yes, we do go on about it a lot, but, seriously check it out:

Aerial view of Froebel College

With multiple optional tours (of the campus, the Library and the accommodation blocks), you’ll be able to find out more about the campus, like why we have a mausoleum and a spider cave, or where’s the best place to grab a pre-lecture coffee.

You can skip the cave, maybe.

On top of that, one of the many great things about our very green campus is that it tranforms throughout the year. So if you came to an open day in October and loved the intense autumn foliage, you can come again in February and catch the ‘winter wonderland’ version instead.

See where you’ll be living

All first-year undergraduate students are guaranteed a place in our students halls. If you’ll be living on campus (or if you’re still considering it), you should definitely take the time to join the accommodation tour and see what’s on offer. We have a range of accommodation at different price points and with various facilities on offer. We also have extra options, like quiet flats for those who want to focus on study.

Interior of one of our halls of residence

The tour’s also a chance to find out more about our accommodation support, including flat reps, 24/7 security and more.

So, there you have it, 6 reasons to book your place at an offer holder day. See you on campus soon!

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