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The Roehampton Dance Society

The Roehampton Dance Society is a great way to stay active while avoiding the gym, if you ask me. As a student who also teaches here at Roehampton, I can vouch for the vast array of classes we offer. From latin fusion, jazz, lyrical, tap, to beginner kathak (a traditional Indian technique), we have so many styles to offer!

If you were wondering, I teach contemporary jazz which is a fusion of jazz and contemporary dance. It is a very uplifting and taxing class because we focus on the elements of jazz that are considered the foundation and structure of the upbeat and lively style and mix it with the dynamics and quality of fluidity and release from contemporary. If you ever want to break a sweat come to my class and we can get that core and those inner thigh and hamstring muscles working. Follow the Dance Society on Instagram at @dancesocietyru for updates and videos from classes!

RoePaul’s Drag Race Society

One society on campus that welcomed me with open arms and gave me a platform to chaisse away (pun intended) that I am so thankful for is the RoePaul’s Drag Race Society. A society that may be younger than the others here on campus, but is just as important and inviting as the rest! The society was founded and inspired by the hit show RuPaul’s Drag Race starring RuPaul and her queens. RuPaul started her show 11 seasons ago and created it to give a platform for aspiring drag queens to perfect and polish their drag. She based it heavily on Project Runway and Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model. Now you guys have the background information you can guess what we do at these meetings… Or should I say kikis? Well we have a couple of drinks, sit back and catch up, talk about the most recent episodes of RPDR and our queens of choice, how Shangela was ROBBED, and my favourite part … we PERFORM kitty squirrels. Queens or Kings turn it out and then the stage is opened up for anyone else who’d like to express themselves and perform in an accepting and sacred environment. But don’t get it twisted, you do not have to watch RuPaul religiously and be able to quote and reference every episode like some of us who are blessed… you just have to respect and appreciate the art form that is drag. If you do, you can find a home with us! Like the page on Facebook for daily updates!

A poster for RoePaul's Drag Society

The Roehampton Film Society

The Film Society here at Roehampton meets every Monday at 8pm in Grove House in room 008 to watch great cinema. We laugh, we cry, we argue and we watch. The Film Society was one of the societies I was ecstatic to join because I love films and I love being able to discuss them with people who can understand and appreciate the ones I have seen. The first meeting I went to, Death Becomes Her, with the stunning Meryl Streep and striking Goldie Hawn was being screened. I screamed internally the entire time. I love the film society because it is a group of individuals from everywhere on campus studying different disciplines coming together to spend time together and watch cinema. You can find the Film Society on Instagram at @roeyfilmsociety.

Universal Black Minds

Universal Black Minds (U.B.M. for short) is a society on the University of Roehampton’s campus for people of colour and all walks of life to come together and discuss unique and interesting topics, debate important current issues, and appreciate black and african culture. U.B.M. is always having chill events for the students of Roehampton to come together and have a good time. Dilemma Night has to be one of my favourite events hosted by the society. If you want to find when, where, and what’s happening check them out on Instagram at @rsu_universalblackminds!

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For information on how to join a society, email or head to the RSU reception in the Union Square.

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