10 accessories every student needs

Here are a list of essential accessories for every student. Let us know if you think we’ve missed anything by tweeting us @roehamptonuni.

Contactless card

An absolutely must-have! Contactless cards can be used in place of Oyster cards for London public transport, and are a quick way to pay for services, food and laundry around campus. Alternatively, you can load your card on to your phone – then you don’t even have to search for your card in your bag!

Reusable water bottle

Join the fight to cut down on plastic and help save life on Earth by carrying a reusable bottle. Save money by filling your bottle up at the water fountains around campus instead of buying bottled water, and you’ll be able to quench your thirst without the plastic guilt.


There can be a lot to juggle at university, so keeping a diary can be a useful way to stay organised. Write down your lectures, seminars and society meetings, and maybe include a to-do list, to ensure that you use your free time efficiently. Most phones have a calendar pre-installed, but it can be equally nice to write everything down in a physical book.

Flash Drive

Most assignments nowadays are electronic and a flash drive is a quick and easy way to transport your work form your home to university computer, as well as making sure that you have an extra copy backed up.

Foldaway/tote bag

Useful in everyday life as well as during your student years, a foldaway bag takes up little room in your pocket or bag, and again helps save the environment by reducing the need for plastic carrier bags. Whether popping to the campus shop, stocking up at the community fridge or buying some bread and greens at the Growhampton market, a reusable bag always comes in handy. During your time here, you’re bound to get your hands on a few Roehampton tote bags as freebies – see how many different designs you can collect!


Useful on your commute, in the library, or in your campus room past 11pm, headphones let you escape the outside world and focus on what you need. Whether using them to facilitate a time of relaxation or as a tool to help you concentrate on a task, headphones are definitely useful at university..

Push pins

All rooms at the University of Roehampton have pinboards, so remember to bring some push pins! Your timetable, photos of family and friends, tickets and reminders are all common pinboard decorations, so don’t miss out by forgetting pins.

Playing cards

Another great way to break the ice when you join university, bringing a deck of cards is definitely a good idea. Get a group together and discover the regional variations of different games you can play with a pack of cards – eye-opening and bond-building indeed!

Sticky labels

Want to make sure everyone knows whose stuff is whose in your flat? Sticky labels can help to avoid any confusion and allow no mix-ups to be made. Or, if you make an mistake in your diary, cover it up with a sticky note!

Portable charger

If your timetable, diary and contactless card are all on your phone, you don’t want to be running out of juice. A portable charger lets you recharge your phone battery on-the-go, so is a great student accessory. Check out our very own Roehampton-branded powerbanks here.

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