9 GIFs that every Roehampton alum can relate to

1. When you have to work out how to explain to your friends from home exactly where in London the campus is.

Map Working Out Gif

2. When you find out that there is now a free shuttle bus from Barnes Station to campus for the students of today.

Shocked gif

3. When you’re visiting campus the first time since graduating and you see the new library from the 72 on Roehampton Lane.

Jurassic Park sunglasses off gif

4. When two of your Roehampton friends get engaged, and the whole squad reunites for the wedding.

The Office (US) Wedding

5. When you scroll back in your Spotify playlists and see ‘Fez 2011’.

Roger Federer crying

6. When people ask you what Summer Ball was like at Roehampton.

Lesley Knope from Parks and Rec saying 'It's only the best day of the year!'

7. When @uni_roehampton regrams your #TBT of Grove House in 2013.

John Barrowman saying 'Who's famous now, girl?'

8. When your time at uni taught you to have a deep respect, and fear, for Canada Geese.

A canada goose intimidating a gorilla

9. And finally, when you find out about all of the amazing benefits and services available to you as a Roehampton alum.

Michael from The Office looking happy

You can find them here.

The University of Roehampton changes lives by helping our students to develop the confidence, knowledge and values they need for a successful and fulfilling life. We produce world-class research that helps us understand the world and change it for the better.

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