Keeping Active at Home

Worried about how you’re going to get those endorphins flowing in self isolation? Don’t! Keeping safe at home doesn’t mean you can’t get in your daily exercise. In fact, it’s probably more convenient to do a workout when you’re watching your favourite Netflix show, or have 10 minutes free whilst waiting for your pasta to boil… 

High Intensity 

Doing cardio at home is much easier than you think. Simply running up and down stairs will raise your heart rate and get those muscles warm.

Home HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts are so easy. All you need is a clear floor space and some determination. There are endless free home workouts online, videos are even better as they have demonstrations. Here’s an example of an easy 5 minute home workout. Got 10 minutes spare? Do it twice. Got 30? Repeat 6 times!

Skipping is also a super efficient way to fit in some cardio. A skipping rope is cheap and the activity is so mindless, you’ll easily catch every moment of Love is Blind. For a more structured workout however, check out the following link for some ideas. 

Low Intensity 

Want a little less heat but got more time? Put on your favourite playlist, turn it up loud… and dance your heart out! Dancing is also a great, fun way to up your step count and target all muscle groups. Whether it’s alone or with friends, 30 mins of dancing will burn over 150 calories! 

Current situations can cause stress, anxiety and general worry. Taking 30 mins-60 mins of time to do some general stretching and breathing exercises, is a perfect for starting your day right or helping to get a good night’s sleep. 

Yoga and Pilates are easy to do at home. If you don’t have a mat, use a towel. Play some calming music and find your centre. Check out this great site for free yoga as well as these two YouTube recommendations: Yoga with Tim and Yoga with Adriene. Find a teacher with a style that resonates with you. 

Finally, ‘The Daily Meditation Podcast’ on Spotify is fantastic, with topics including Breathing for Focus, Managing Moods and breathing techniques. 

Les Mills 

Love our virtual classes at Gym Roehampton? there’s great news… do classes at home! No weights? Find things lying around your bedroom you thought you’d never use, and get lifting… Be innovative!

Les Mills are offering free, on demand home workouts, check them out here.


Please ALWAYS be mindful of pushing your body beyond its limits. Rest is essential for recovery and if you have pre-existing health issues or injuries, still seek professional help if you feel anything unusual. 

Take extra care when doing something new or complicated at home there is no gym instructor or yoga teacher to help with movement, posture, etc. 

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) – whether you’re doing work, gaming, or finishing an assignment – repetitive activity with digital devices can put a lot of stress on your arms, especially your wrists. For example, using your keyboard and mouse at a sub optimal angle. Make sure to set up your home workstation the right way and take regular breaks. Check out these RSI exercises you can do to help!

Have any questions? Be sure to email us at 

Take care, stay safe and be mindful.

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