Men’s Hockey | Ben Mcinnes

What is your name and course of study?

Ben Mcinnes, a 3rd year Business Management student.

Which sports team are you part of?

Captain of Roehampton Men’s hockey. 

What is your favourite memory so far at uni?

It would have to be beating UCL to clinch the title, with two games to spare this year!

What is your favourite album of all time?

My most played album on itunes is Aphex Twin – Analogue bubblebath 3. It’s great you should check it out.

What’s your favourite TV show to binge watch?

I’m not really a TV person but iIdo like to watch South Park occasionally.

What is your go-to pre-game meal?

The Men’s Hockey Team have a ritual where we like to go to Roehampton Cafe on the high street for some ‘locally sourced cuisine’ of some sort… I try to keep it light and have a bacon and sausage sandwich, just something to fill the stomach to keeping me going when I’m standing in nets and generally not doing anything for 70 mins!

How are you keeping active during the lockdown?

It’s really important to get outside once a day, either a light jog or walk around the park, to break the daily cycle of nothingness.

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