Richmond Park Route with Walk and Talk group leader Lotte

We know it might be daunting if you’re staying at University during lockdown, especially with changes to your regular university activities. So, keep your mind and body healthy, make a hot chocolate and try this beautiful 1-hour long route through Richmond Park, put together by our Walk and Talk group leader -Lotte. Take a walk, jog, run, dance – whatever makes you feel good!

Richmond Park is the largest of London’s Royal Parks and is right on our doorstep at Roehampton. To get there, exit via the Froebel gate and walk downhill on Clarence Lane, then turn left at the bottom of the hill and you will find Checkpoint A.

Checkpoint A – Roehampton Gate: Walk through the gates and cross the road.

Checkpoint B – Crossroad: Turn right and continue on the path, you will cross a stream (Beverley Brook) via a bridge.

Checkpoint C – Fork in the path: Continue to the left.

Checkpoint D – Road: Cross the road and continue straight ahead.

Checkpoint E – Road: Cross the road and continue on the path across the little bridge.

Checkpoint F – Open field: Continue on the path.

Checkpoint G – Crossroad: Go left and continue straight forward.

Checkpoint H – Crossroad: Go left onto the field. Keep to the path.

Checkpoint I: Continue on the path.

Checkpoint J – Road: Cross the road and turn right.

Checkpoint K – Mini-roundabout: Go left and continue on the sidewalk.

Checkpoint L – Roehampton Gate: Congratulations, you are at the finish line!

The full route can be seen below.

Note: Please keep updated with current COVID-19 regulations via the Student Portal and University website.

Photos for this blog taken early December.

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