Hey Tim, it’s David here | A letter from a former student

Roehampton student David Driver-Gomm has just finished his Creative Writing degree and found a great job using the skills he acquired on the course. David has given us permission to share the thank-you letter he wrote to Dr Tim Atkins, his course convenor, below.

Hey Tim

It’s David here. Now the degree’s pretty much done, I just wanted to shoot you an email to say thank you for your support in the third year and throughout my time on the Creative Writing degree. I remember hearing your poetry on the induction day three years ago now and whilst I regret not getting the opportunity to learn poetry from you directly, you really awakened an interest in creative writing within a professional sphere with the Copywriting module.

I come with good news too then – a few weeks ago I started my new job as the Editor and Community Manager at DBolical, which puts me in charge of two pretty major gaming sites that have a combined traffic of some eight million people. I’ve been tasked with revitalising the community and getting the ball rolling on many new fronts for the company when it comes to public outreach. I’ve really enjoyed it thus far, it’s got a good salary, and the benefits are apparent in that I work entirely from home – so I have plenty of time to pursue hobbies, outings with friends, and all the good stuff. It’s a job for which Copywriting definitely helped prepare me, and a dream pick.

I hope you’ve been doing okay too, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again for all your support!


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