“Dear first-year me…”

With the beginning of a new academic year rolling in next month and many new students getting ready to join us at the University of Roehampton, we asked our current students what they would say to their first-year selves.

We hope that their advice might be helpful for our new students preparing for their first year at university!

2020 graduates celebrating their achievements in their postponed ceremony, 2021

“You’ll be absolutely fine! Just don’t be afraid to come out of your shell and be less shy (although you eventually became more confident and the person you wanted to become in the last 3 years anyway!) But just be yourself and make sure to make the most of every opportunity that comes your way!”

“Throw yourself into new opportunities and new experiences.”

Summer Ball promotion, 2019

“Enjoy every moment and you’ll meet amazing friends!”

“Take plenty of photos! You’ll always cherish the memories.”

“Discover a new skill or activity; even if you don’t stick with it, at least you gave it a go!”

2020 graduates at their 2021 graduation

“DO NOT stress, it will be all fine, enjoy your time as much as you say it’s all planned for you and believe in yourself because you got this.”

“Don’t forget to bring a notepad and pen!”

Decorate your room to help yourself feel more at home.”

Summer on Froebel Lawn

“You’re going to be so homesick and may feel sad sometimes BUT it’ll be okay; you’ll make friends for life.”

“Don’t skip the 9am’s!”

“Try to keep on top of the actual university work, enrol, sign up to the campus surgery and sort the admin – then you can have fun!”

The University of Roehampton changes lives by helping our students to develop the confidence, knowledge and values they need for a successful and fulfilling life. We produce world-class research that helps us understand the world and change it for the better.

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