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Megan Griffiths graduated with a first class honours degree in Primary Education from Roehampton in 2017, with the teaching of English as her curriculum specialism. We caught up with her to reflect on her time at Roehampton and see how she is doing now:

“I decided on becoming a teacher in my first year of college. I remember visiting lots of different universities but as soon as I saw Roehampton and the beautiful campus, I knew I had to study there! The campus was as beautiful as it was welcoming and this proved true throughout my whole time at Roehampton. Lecturers were always so encouraging and inspiring: it truly felt as though they were on my teaching journey with me. 

Our lecturers always learnt everyone’s name, we were never just a number. I loved the seminars in which we took part in professional discussions and spoke about best practice in the classroom. Lecturers became mentors on our placements and provided individualised support. I remember always feeling so encouraged and inspired throughout my three years.

I found the placements to be my favourite part of the degree. As each placement passed, I felt more and more confident. After the third placement block, I was ready to take on the classroom and received a job offer at a local school. I worked as a class teacher in Year 2 and recently moved into a new role as Early Years Foundation Stage Lead. I am also seconded part-time to Schools Alliance for Excellence where I work as an English Teaching and Learning Lead. I am lucky enough to work with schools across Surrey, sharing best practice with colleagues. 

I am excited for my future in teaching and hope to continue on to study a master’s degree in Education. I have such fond memories of my university experience and will forever be grateful to Roehampton for shaping my future.” 

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