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Meet Zahra Afshani, a proactive and driven student at the University of Roehampton who embarked on personal and professional growth through the Roehampton Internship Scheme. Zahra’s story is a testament to the value of dedication, skill development, and making the most of the opportunities presented. Her successful internship experiences allowed her to excel academically and opened doors to new career possibilities and networking opportunities.

Securing the Internship

Zahra’s passion for marketing and entrepreneurship led her to apply for the Roehampton Internship Scheme during her second year studying Business Management and Marketing. Despite initial doubts and challenges, she persevered and secured a 4-month Marketing and Social Media Internship at M8Share. This opportunity was the turning point that honed her marketing skills and boosted her confidence.

Importance of the Internship Experience

During her internship, Zahra gained valuable insights into the digital marketing industry and applied her knowledge in real-world scenarios. She said, “I felt that my efforts were appreciated, and it motivated me to work harder.” The experience solidified her academic learnings and equipped her with practical skills such as content creation, social media management, and client communication.

Overcoming Challenges and Building Confidence

Zahra faced challenges during her internship journey, including doubts about her capabilities and imposter syndrome. However, she overcame these obstacles by continuously upskilling herself and demonstrating her commitment to company growth and excellence.

Networking and Expanding Opportunities

Throughout her internship, Zahra had the chance to connect with industry professionals, tutors, and peers, who recognized her potential and appreciated her work ethic. She gained exposure to different businesses. Eventually, after her internship, she approached a jewellery shop and a marketing agency; both sought her expertise and offered an interview. Zahra expressed, “Just because of an internship, I could connect with numerous individuals outside of my usual social circle,” highlighting the significance of networking and building meaningful connections.

Impact on Self-Assurance and Future Aspirations

Zahra’s internship was a great experience that improved her marketing skills and boosted her confidence. She gained the understanding that even her slightest bit of knowledge could be valuable in helping small businesses succeed. As a result, M8Share offered her the chance to extend her internship for an additional month.


As Zahra contemplates her future, she is torn between expanding her family business in jewellery and establishing her marketing agency. Regardless of her path, Zahra’s experiences at the University of Roehampton have shaped her aspirations positively, and she feels well-equipped to pursue a fulfilling career in marketing.

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