Summer Ball Survival Guide

Summer Ball is the highlight of Roehampton’s year. Regardless of who is on the line-up, a great time is guaranteed, sure to produce memories that will last well beyond your university days. As fun as the day is, there are a few details you must not forget, so we have compiled a list of handy tips to ensure your Summer Ball survival!

Be weather wary

British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, so do not get caught out. Stock up on suncream and stay hydrated if it is looking to be a scorcher, or buy a waterproof poncho if drizzle is looking likely—light, transparent and festival-worthy, a poncho will keep you dry while ensuring that your outfit can still be admired.

Plan your outfits

While there is no official dress code for the first half of the day, festival fashion is definitely the top choice. Feel free to grab your sequins, and go wild, but make sure to stay comfy, with something to keep you warm if it’s a bit breezy. When you come back in the evening, a formal dress code is stipulated. Dress to impress, but if you are planning on staying until 5am, remember that regardless of the temperature in the daytime, it will get chilly pretty quickly.

Have a big breakfast

While the food provision at Summer Ball is incredible, you should line your stomach before you arrive and have enough energy to last you through the queue. A traditional cooked breakfast with your flatmates and friends is a nice way to build the excitement and is the perfect way to kick off the celebrations in style.

Be queue-ready

Summer Ball is the most popular event of Roehampton’s calendar, and with hoards of students comes a high chance of a queue. To help things speed up, have your student ID and confirmation email to hand, and, if you are bringing a guest, ensure that they have their legal ID with them, and that they are with you. No guests can enter Summer Ball without the student who bought their ticket.

Get your bearings

On arrival, make sure to do the usual bits: get your drinks tokens, go to the loo and grab a bite to eat. Once you have done all that, give yourself time to walk around and see everything. You will be surprised by how much is going, in loads of unexpected places, so do not miss out by not taking everything in. While Froebel lawn is undoubtedly a hive of activity, the grass on the other side of Grove House is home to the funfair, and is not to be missed.

Fill up with something new

Music aside, the highlight of Summer Ball for many is the food. With an assortment of different cuisines to suit all tastes and preferences, choosing which stall to visit may be the hardest decision you will make all day. As well as the food, an incredible range of drinks will also be flowing, giving you the opportunity to find a new favourite or tailor each drink to the next act.

Pace yourself

It is a long day! Daytime is 1pm-5pm, and then the nighttime portion is 7:30pm-5am, with the all-important Survivors’ Photo being taken of all remaining attendees at 4:45am. Drink some water, nourish yourself, seek some shade and have a few sit downs to ensure that your stamina lasts right through the thirteen hours.

Use the gap wisely

From 5pm-7:30pm is the much needed break, in which the Summer Ball team prepare the grounds for round two, and all the attendees have an opportunity to put their glad rags on. This gap is the perfect time for a power nap or for regathering the troops and preparing for the long stretch ahead. Do not sleep for too long though, as the fireworks, which kick off the evening acts, are not to be missed.

Be social

Follow us on all social media for updates throughout the day. Also, keep an eye out for our Social Media Team who will be about during the day filming exciting content. 

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