5 Useful Tips for Moving Out Over Summer

Faced with the daunting reality of leaving Roehampton, either just for the summer or at the end of your degree, moving out can seem an unwelcome prospect. But with a few tips and tricks (five, to be exact), packing up can be a smooth, stress-free process, and can even prove to be a useful and enjoyable opportunity. If you are concerned about being out of the Roehampton loop, you need not worry: follow our advice to stay in the know.

1. Donate and re-home

Make the most of going through all of your belongings, and have a clear out. Throughout the year you will have doubtless acquired bits and bobs that have no real use, and will have bought clothes that you forgot to return. Be ruthless, and donate your cast-offs to the donation points around campus, or to the Thrift Shop in RSU reception. Each campus has its own drop off point, and you can find more information about the RoeRehome initiative here. Food items are also welcomed, so if you have one too many tins of beans hiding at the back of your cupboard, do a good deed and donate.

2. Find out where the skips are on campus

There are also several skips across campus that can be used for things in your room that you are unable to re-home. Here’s where they sit:

University of Roehampton Main Campus 3D - skips
Locations of skips on campus

3. Box it up

There are always some items that you are torn between keeping and donating. Sealing all of these into one box for the summer is a great way to test your need for them, as anything you forget about or don’t use can then be donated when you come to open the box. Whilst the RoeRehome project is not year-round, the RSU Thrift Shop takes donations at any time of year, so just drop your box to the RSU reception when convenient.

4. Check your diary

While campus may be quiet, there are still dates and events that you need to have in your diary. If you are graduating, you will have been notified as to whether your ceremony is on 23 or 24 July, so make sure your diary is cleared for a day of celebrations. Make the most of your summer, but make sure your plans end in time for you to make the most of Welcome Week. Starting on Monday 17 September, after Travel Sunday the day before, all students, whether freshers or returners, have important introduction and enrolment sessions to attend during the week, alongside some incredible events offered by RSU

5. Stay connected

Fresher or flat rep or just want to make some more friends? Join the official Roehampton Freshers’ group on Facebook to find coursemates, flatmates and random mates! Make sure to follow the University profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat (uni_roehampton) and Instagram.

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