4 reasons to love Whitelands

Whether you will be here on Whitelands to study or live (or both), there are so many great things about being at Whitelands College for you to enjoy and experience during your time here at Roehampton.

1. We have amazing study spaces

As a student, there will be some points during your degree where you might feel a lack of motivation, and find yourself deliberating whether you should do your work today or whether it can wait. So why not use the study spaces available around campus?

We have two silent study areas as well as Manresa Hall, which is accessible 24 hours a day. Whether you have breaks between your lectures or need a space to focus on your work for a few hours, these study spaces are perfect for getting you in the working mood and for concentrating on your studies.

Bonus – Don’t forget to look up and check out the pretty ceiling in Manresa Hall!

2. Our food and drink options are (almost) endless

We have a range of places that you can check out if you are feeling a bit peckish.

If you enjoy the coffee and teas from Roehampton’s Hive Café on the main campus, then you will love that Whitelands has its own Hive Caravan outside the reception during term time, so that you’re not missing out on the great coffee that the Hive has to offer.

We also have the Canteen on the ground floor where you can buy a range of drinks, sandwiches and hot food for breakfast and lunch during the weekdays for you to enjoy.

And last but not least, there is The Sett where you can come and relax, have a snack or two and enjoy the sweet treats that the Sett has to offer.

Bonus – Chill and watch TV in The Sett or enjoy the view from the balcony


If you’re all about getting Instagram-worthy pictures, Whitelands is perfect for just that! #VIEWS

Our very own field overlooks the beautiful Richmond Park, the largest of London’s Royal Parks. It is a great backdrop for your nature selfies and one of the best places to capture some amazing sunrise and sunset images.

Fast forward to the formal half of Summerball; you’re looking suave and stylish, but the background for your group pictures is not quite right. Why not take advantage of the outside of Parkstead House which is an ideal spot for taking those picturesque images?

4. Our college community is amazing (and we have a cat)

Whitelands is maybe one of the more peaceful colleges that Roehampton has to offer, which means that you have the chance to chill out and clear your mind. Nevertheless, it has a close-knit community of friendly staff and students, so you will still get that awesome university experience you are looking for.

Even though we might be separate from the rest of the colleges, everything is not as far as it seems. Whitelands is closer than main campus to the shops and bus stops, so if you want to, you can venture out to explore the area further. Plus it is only 10 minutes from the main campus and 15 minutes to the closest Richmond Park entrance!

If you are looking to keep active or have a kickabout, then why not make use of our large field, which is mainly used to play football or for sports practice? However, if you are more of a spectator rather than a player, follow Roehampton’s social media platforms to see if there are any events occurring on the field, including our annual football match; Shitelands!

Bonus – For all the animal lovers you will be pleased to know we have a lovely furry friend; Badger.

The University of Roehampton changes lives by helping our students to develop the confidence, knowledge and values they need for a successful and fulfilling life. We produce world-class research that helps us understand the world and change it for the better.

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