5 tips for balancing work, uni and social | Alexandra Johnstone-Pieri

It is almost that time of year again when your tutors bombard you with an overwhelming number of deadlines. Whether you are in your first year or are a continuing student, this blog post is dedicated towards helping you to manage your time even more wisely.

1. Plan essays in advance

Whether that means reading some primary/secondary materials or writing your essay in bullet point form, it is always great to plan ahead. This will give you a head start and something to work from and will give you a sense of guidance when starting your essay.

2. Do not leave everything until the last minute

Leaving your work until the last minute will not only tire you but can be extremely stressful. Try and set yourself goals, such as writing the introduction to your essay on one day. Breaking your work into small chunks can make the work seem less intense.

3. Make a social schedule

Deadline season can become very isolating, so during this time make sure you give yourself time in the day to see friends. Whether that is peer assessing work, or taking an hour’s break for a coffee in the Hive, it is important to socialise and take yourself away from studying to recharge yourself.

4. Sleep

As simple as this tip sounds, it is so important to get between 6 to 8 hours sleep. Your body clock may vary during deadline season but try and find times in the day when you work best – whether you are an early bird or a night owl. Try and make sure you schedule a good amount of sleep around your study periods to ensure you have enough energy.

5. Eat

Skipping meals and instead filling your body up with sugary snacks, coffee and energy drinks is the last thing you want to do – especially when your body will require extra energy. Ensure you give yourself enough time in the day to prepare meals, even if it is just a sandwich or a bowl of pasta, and make sure you eat properly.

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