Malin Hamilton | Class of 2018 | International Week

Tell us about your time at Roehampton

Starting university and moving away from home are already quite daunting things but adding on the fact that you are moving to a new country can be even more scary. Very exciting, but scary, nevertheless. That is why Roehampton is such a good place to be. It always felt extremely safe and to have everything on one campus created a community like no other. I had the pleasure of living in Southlands College surrounded by amazing people and a great support system, if need be. It truly felt like my second home.

Did you enjoy studying your course?

I loved studying Journalism at Roehampton. All the lecturers were engaging and truly cared about you during the course. I think my favourite module was Magazine Journalism, it was tough, but you could let your creativity spiral and you really got to challenge yourself.

Did you get involved in any activities alongside your studies?

I also played football for the Women’s Roehampton team, which created some of my best memories with my best friends. We were very good too! We won the treble one year (Varsity, the Cup, the League), as well as the sports team of the year at Roehampton’s Sport Awards. My university experience would have never been the same without my football girls. Every single Wednesday was dedicated to my team, from the match, to having dinner at the student pub, to later party at Fez together. We became a family.

Study Abroad

I was extremely blessed in getting the opportunity to study abroad from Roehampton to Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, for six months during my second year. I would say that’s probably the best six months of my life. I took the opportunity to travel around the country in a campervan, exploring the coast of Australia, before I went to Bali to finish off my adventure. I also travelled to New Zealand. Of course, I studied as well and got to experience modules such as Radio Production and Cyber Cultures – both of which were very interesting! I made friends for life in Sydney and decided to return once more after graduating.

Tell us about your experiences since leaving the University

After graduating, I decided to take the opportunity to do some more travelling, as I was bitten by the travel bug after living in Australia. As I am also working as a fashion model, it allowed me to travel to different countries for work. I lived in Sydney, Athens, London and Paris, before I came back to London for a bit.

However, I also made sure to secure journalistic experience in order to pursue my dreams in becoming a sports journalist. Before moving back to Sydney, I worked for a local Norwegian newspaper as a sports journalist – the first ever female sports journalist they had hired.

More recently, I got a job as a digital journalist for Eurosport, which was a dream come true! However, with the uncertainty of the pandemic, I decided to do a masters in Broadcast Journalism at City University, despite being offered a new contract (with the help of my lovely lecturers from Roehampton, I got very nice recommendation letters for my application).

So that is me now – currently doing a master’s degree in London, whilst simultaneously freelancing for Stats Perform (a company working on the data behind sports. They have got a news desk team, editorial team and video production team).

If you could offer one piece of advice to current students what would it be?

Take full advantage of the opportunities at Roehampton and enjoy being a student with no “adult” obligations; yet- it is an opportunity. Travel, network, do sport/join societies and do volunteer work. My biggest regret is that I did not apply for any work placements whilst being a student, as that becomes hugely beneficial once you have got other commitments. Also remember, the contacts you make at university are contacts worth keeping, you never know when you might need them, or they might need you. Helping each other is key.

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