Week 7 and 8 | 2021 Summer Term Programme

The Summer Term Programme is here to inspire you and give you a head start in today’s competitive graduate job market through a blend of short courses, webinars, workshops and one-to-one sessions.

The Summer Term Programme schedule can be found on the University of Roehampton app.  Available on GooglePlay here and on the App Store here,  the app is completely free – so if you don’t have it already, download it today! The app gives you all the information you need to find out what’s on and sign up for sessions. Further information is available here

Here’s some of the key events taking place in the next two weeks.

Week 7, 24-30 May 

Monday 24 May        

Digital Skills Programme: Introduction to Programming – 9am-12pm Monday-Thursday

This friendly introduction to coding will take you through the basics of programming in Python and working with the building blocks of computer code.

Course Leader: Miles Berry

Dates: Monday 24th May – Thursday 27 May, 09:00am – 12:00pm

Requirements: A Google account to access Colab in your browser.

Takeaway: Colab notebooks showing your new coding skills.

Course Leader Q&A:

Why is this an important skill for graduates in the current job market?

“Programming is an important skill for graduates in so many roles, firstly because it gives a great insight into how computers actually work, and because it’s training in logical thinking and attention to detail, but also because it makes it so much easier to automate tasks: if you ever find yourself doing the same thing on a computer more than three or four times, it’s almost certainly more efficient to write a program to do it.”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“My favourite thing about programming is the moment when the program does what it was supposed to: solving a problem or making something happen faster or better than I’d ever be able to do myself.”

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Understanding the UK Labour Market – 1-2pm

This session will explore how the labour market in the UK is currently proceeding and will give an overview how companies recruit, retain and develop in line with the current challenges.

Hosted by: The Careers Team

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Wednesday 26 May       

Think Pacific Virtual Internships in Fiji   – 2-3pm

Think Pacific have taken their volunteering programmes online so that you can contribute to government development aims in Fiji despite the current challenges. These in-demand internships provide a unique experience within the sustainable development & NGO sector. As well as that we will also be discussing our volunteering projects in preparation for their return beyond the current pandemic. Join Think Pacific on Wednesday 26 May at 2pm to find out more about virtual volunteering opportunities in Fiji.

Hosted by: The Study Abroad Team

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Thursday 27 May       

Networking Do’s and Don’ts – 1-2pm 

Networking is part of your skillset you should have in your professional career. Learn in this session the top tips and the common mistakes when networking.

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Week 8, 31 May – 6 June  

Tuesday 1 June

Digital Skills Programme: Data Analytics – 9am-12pm Tuesday-Friday

The fundamentals of data analytics. You will learn how to work with real-world data, explore social media and web analytic datasets, search engine optimism, and more. You will be able to present data using formulas, pivot tables and visualisations.

Course Leader: Gauti Sigthorsson

Dates: Tuesday 1st June – Friday 4 June, 09:00am – 12:00pm

Requirements: Laptop, Microsoft Excel, Tableau Public (free).

Takeaway: Create and share a data visualisation using Tableau Public.

Course Leader Q&A:

Why is this an important skill for graduates in the current job market?

“The most important skill for data analytics is how to ask the right questions so that you can turn data into knowledge. Whether that is data about how many visitors to a website, the sales figures at a shop, or the people in an organisation, there is a skill to turning data into useful information.”

What is your favourite thing about your course?

“I enjoy finding things out with data, having my assumptions challenged or even turned upside down. Ask the right questions, and the answers may surprise you!”

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LinkedIn Essentials – 12-1pm

Hosted by: The Careers Team

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Wednesday 2 June

LaunchPad Experience: Start-Up Grant Panel – 3-4pm

Are you a prospective applicant or a student/alumni that would like to know more about our LaunchPad Start-Up Grant? Our past recipients will tell you all about their experience in applying for the start-up grant, the main dos and don’ts, and what difference the grant has made for their businesses. Come and join this interactive panel and get top tips to make your application successful! 

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Thursday 3 June

Copywriting: An Introduction – 1-2:30pm

Just Do It was written by a copywriter. So was Things Go Better With Coke. Copywriting is a job in which you write texts to advertise, describe, or promote a product or service. This introductory talk by ex-professional copywriter Tim Atkins (creator of the Yes You Can campaign for The Prince’s Trust) will tell you all you need to know about the basics of the business. (Please note that the ability to write clear and correct English is essential for copywriting success.)

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