Joshua Akinwunmi | Black History Month


As part of Black History Month 2022, the University of Roehampton Sport and Active Communities department are spotlighting leading black figures in university sport who have excelled in their fields. We caught up with Joshua Akinwunmi professional Motorsport Formula 3 athlete.

Joshua Akinwunmi is a second-year Sports Management student at The University of Roehampton, combining his studies with a career in car racing. Josh began racing go-karts at age 14 before progressing through the ranks and demonstrating his considerable talent and skills and is now competing in the EuroForumla Open Championship in Formula 3.

Rapid Fire Questions with Joshua Akinwunmi

1. What are you studying? 

I am currently in my second year studying Sport Management.

2. Tell us about your sport?
I am a racing driver. My sport contains a lot of determination and hard work, like any other sport. However, my sport is very demanding on the mind and body. This is because my sport involves driving challenging circuits around the world at high speed.  
3. How did you get into your sport?
Motorsport, has always been an interest of mine. I used to do a lot of sim racing when I was younger, and I was good at it. Then, I made my first karting debut when I was 14 years old.
4. What is the best and worst thing about your sport? 
The best thing about my sport is that I get to travel around the world, to incredible countries. Frankly, I can’t think about anything bad about my sport.
5. What is your career highlight?
 The best moment of my career was getting my second win in British F3 at Donington Park. This is because I had friends and family who supported me from the beginning and to have them there for that race was special.
6. Have you endured any injuries during your career?
Luckily, I haven’t had any severe injuries through my career so far. So I’m going to keep this up.
7. How are you finding balancing your sport and university?
At the moment balancing racing and university is good. This is because some races don’t clash, so it makes it a little bit easier to concentrate on race weekends and university.
8. Do you have any aspirations for the future?
My aspiration is to one day race in Formula 1 and stay there for as long as possible. However, if not, I would like and race in IndyCar in America or SuperFormula in Japan.
9. Who are your role models in/outside of sport?
My role Model is Sir Lewis Hamilton because he is an incredible driver and watching him from a young age and seeing what he has achieve is amazing. However, apart from his success in the sport, he is trying to change the sport by having more diversity within it and by him doing so, it is allowing people like me to get involved in motor racing. So, this is why he is a role model to me.
10. What is the best piece of advice you have received?
The best advice I received was from an old driver coach, who told me to be prepared for the next step. I have taken this advice into my racing/day to day life.
11. What is your favourite flavour of crisps ?
My favourite flavoured crisps have to be Prawn Cocktail. Can’t go wrong with that. 

James Ayres, Head of Sport, said, “It is great to be able to celebrate the talented and inspiring student-athletes we have at Roehampton, and Joshua is a perfect example of this. Balancing education and high-performance sport is challenging, requiring high levels of commitment, organisation and talent, which Joshua consistently demonstrates. We are excited to see how Joshua continues to develop and excel in motor racing, and we wish him good luck for the season ahead.  


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