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These are many reasons why aspiring content creators should be on social media. Building a business, creating a personal brand, forming a network, establishing yourself as an authority or just finding a job – all of these can be done more effectively with social media, according to Will Gore, founder of UPPERCASE Media.

Gore, a copywriter, journalist and social media consultant, offered University of Roehampton students a masterclass on ways to strengthen their social media presence, as part of the university’s Employability Week series of talks in October.

As there are so many platforms, one of the advantages of social media is that you can link your profiles together. As Gore pointed out, this makes it easier to manage and track your activity across them. It also makes it easier for others to find and connect with you across different platforms, helping to build a consistent personal brand and reach a wider audience.

Here are six top tips Gore gave in his talk on how to improve your social media presence:


1. Choose the right platforms

Don’t try to be on every platform. Pick the ones that meet your needs. Understanding what you need to do is crucial to success in your chosen job path, even if it isn’t in social media. If other people in your chosen profession use Instagram for example, and they have a high level of interaction on that site, you should investigate why the platform is popular and what new perspectives and engagement you can contribute as someone in the same field. You don’t need to overextend yourself by attempting to be present on every platform. Just locate the platform that your target audience is comfortable with.

2. Act like a business: Use marketing to communicate brand values

Marketing is used by businesses to communicate their brand values because it allows them to connect with their target audience and raise brand awareness. It enables them to highlight their unique selling qualities and create an emotional connection with customers. For those who are planning to be influencers and are looking for businesses to collaborate with, it’s important to understand these values and mimic them to increase your chances of being noticed.

3. Attend events in the real world

Networking is the art of reaching out to other people in your profession or related fields. Networking is crucial for content creators because it helps you connect with others in industry, collaborate and gain exposure. Building relationships and sharing ideas can lead to new opportunities and growth. By not doing so, you are limiting your potential.

4. Recognise the value of engagement

Engagement is important for content creators because it shows your target audience is actively interacting with the content you share. It helps built a community, establish credibility, and increase your reach. So, don’t just post business and brand-related content. Sometimes you should share information about your life, your personal struggles, good times, even vacations. Sharing relatable content establishes a personal connection between the creator and the target audience. It builds trust. By being authentic and promoting transparency, it can create a connection on a deeper level. That in turn helps you maintain a loyal following, and it can help expand your platform when your content gets shared.

5. Be consistent

Consistency is key. Establishing a reliable presence and producing high-quality content, keeps the audience engaged and wanting to come back to see your content. Brainstorming or establishing a content grid might help you plan ahead and avoid getting stuck during quiet moments, or when you go through a period when you have nothing to post.

6. Experimenting with different formats

There are different types of formats when it comes to producing content, but all can lead to success. Short form video and longform content both have the potential to engage and reach other people. Technology is always changing and innovating, so it’s critical to investigate your possibilities. For example, consider the possibility of podcasts, or other formats.


Gore stressed that connecting and engaging with others is at the heart of social media. It’s about being real and unique by bringing a fresh viewpoint to your postings and enabling your personality to shine through. And he said it’s also critical to have fun while remaining true to your platform. That’s how you can maximise the potential for people to see your social media profile and engage with you and your content.

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